The intricacy of each thread makes every piece stand out.


The name of Mithi Kalra is gradually turning into a slow rising brand. The beginning of her career in her college days was a great asset for her. Mithi started her career creating eye-catching Westernwear designs. Her first show after 6 months of college was a huge success.

Though, she was an MBA with a stable job, Mithi still decided to give herself an opportunity to fulfill her creative aspirations which made her join NIFT. Her artistic approach gained her a lot of long lasting clients in the beginning of her career. With each passing year, she has aimed to achieve something new in every step of her career.

The path she follows to ensure the reduction of the waste of the fashion industry makes her stand out. In the coming time, Mithi Kalra is all set to create a platform that would support Luxury Indian wear with the least wastage. A long way to go and a big dream to achieve . . .


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