How much fashion designers earn in India

The Fashion Designing Sector is a very interesting and creative field to work in. Fashion Designers play a very important role in turning people’s dreams into reality. The role of designers is very essential as they need to look after every aspect before styling a garment. Things like trends matter a lot until you end up starting a trend of your own. Despite just the trends, the seasons also affect a lot while creating a whole collection or even a single outfit. The season can complete the whole look of the garment starting from the basic fabrics to even the finishing touches.

Employment Statistics

From every aspect, Fashion is a very crucial field for mankind to make dreams come true. But have we ever thought, how does the designer gets paid for fulfilling our dreams? How do designers make money? Are they paid enough for their hard work? Let’s not get puzzled because we will answer all the above questions in this blog. So, let’s get started. We have seen a constant exponential growth in the field of Fashion with every passing year. Fashion and styling have reached a point that not only the rich people pay attention to it. People of every age group take the fashion game very seriously nowadays. This shows the impact of Fashion in our everyday lives.

Average Pay Scale in India

The fashion industry is the second largest employer in India. It provides jobs to around 11-13 crore people for their livelihood. When we start looking for the data, we will be able to get a pretty good idea about the earnings of a designer. Let’s study the salary of the designers according to their experience. A detailed analysis of the salaries is mentioned down below:

1. According to PayScale, the average salary of a designer with experience is around 3,70,000 lakh per annum (Rs. 30,800/-). The salary of a designer with entry-level experience is around 1,50,000 lakh per annum (Rs. 12,500/-).

2. According to Glassdoor, the salary of a designer with experience is around 5,80,000 lakh per annum (Rs. 48,300/-). The salary of a designer with entry-level experience is 3,00,000 lakh per annum (Rs. 25,000/-).

3. To avoid the perplexity of the dual salary status, let’s evaluate an average to make this situation more understandable. The average salary of an experienced designer is around 4,75,000 lakh per annum (Rs. 39,583/-). The average salary of an entry-level designer is around 2,25,000 lakh per annum (Rs. 18,750/-).

4. The average salary of a Fashion Designer is around 4,47,500 lakh per annum (Rs. 37,291/-).

The Statutory Skills:

The sector of Fashion has evolved out of art and creativity. Despite having a creative mind, you always need something out of the box to beat the highly competitive nature of this field. The addition of technological skills to the creative aspect will result in wonders. Let’s see the basic skills that are required in this field:

  1. Communication skills
  2. Creativity
  3. Drawing skills
  4. Computer skills
  5. A Scope for detail

Knowledge affecting the salary:

The skills we possess definitely affect our pay scale. The knowledge you have is directly proportional to the salary you are offered. So let’s discuss the knowledge that will help you to land a well-paid job.

  1. Technical Garment knowledge.
  2. Product Development
  3. Illustrator
  4. Photoshop

Other than these, you should also have a strong educational background in the same field. Your location also plays a role in your work basics.


Now that we have discussed a lot about the salaries, let’s discuss what are the responsibilities that come with this salary. Lets go through all the points mentioned below:

  1. Selection of fabrics and trims according to the design.
  2. Managing the complete design process from the very beginning to the end step of final styling.
  3. Conducting a market study to know the whereabouts of the better quality fabrics, trims, etc.
  4. Collaborating with the other teams to opt out of the best themes and create new concepts.
  5. Creating sketches for the product of the product.
  6. Checking the product thoroughly before the presentation to ensure zero errors.
  7. Creating and presenting the boards to the buyer for a better understanding of the theme. These are the points that you should keep in mind after you land a job in the Fashion industry.

Best Geographic Location in India:

There are jobs in the field of fashion all over India. There are jobs scattered in every part of India but there are cities with the best scope of jobs with a better salary. So let’s see which cities offer better aspects for jobs:

1. The first is non-other than the nation’s capital, Delhi. The salary output in Delhi is 26.5% more than the other cities.

2. The second city is the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. There is a 17% increase in salary in other cities.

3. The third City is the city of dreams, Mumbai. You get an average increase of 2.3% in your salary than the other cities.

4. The fourth city is the gateway of South India, Chennai. The salary output in Chennai is 20.9% less than the other cities in India.

5. The fifth is none other than our Pink City, Jaipur. There is a 20.9% decrease in salary in other cities.


This blog turned out to be very informative in the end. The correct description of the salaries will help you to decide what you can expect in this field. The skills will guide you on what to improve about yourself to land a better opportunity. The knowledge will make you realise how much you lack to get the job of your dreams.

The responsibilities will tell you what you need to handle in this field. The locations will help you to see if the city you are working in is right for you or not. This was a guide on how designers earn money in India.

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